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Mission: Atlantis

Mission: Finding solid proof of the past reality of Atlantis if Plato's lost island existed at all.

The mission may sound impossible, but progress has already been made. We now have three items of evidence that prove something big happened 9600 BCE. Though these don't prove Atlantis existed, they do support the thesis of its past existence. These, combined with a plausible geological and socio-genetic back story, create a bulwark of circumstantial evidence that is at least interesting, if not compelling.

Imagine the impact on history if direct proof of Atlantis itself were found. Ancient Egypt would become "recent" by comparison. The gap between the end of Atlantis and the beginning of our own history is longer than our entire history. And currently there is no way of knowing how far the history of Atlantis may have gone back, if indeed that island empire did exist.

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05/16/2016 10:21 PM
Critical Thinking — Lost Art with Today’s Scientists

On one of my blogs in the Plato Coincidence Series, a gentleman from Cornell University left a comment stating that the IGY (1957) showed that there were no sunken islands in the Northeast Atlantic. Amazing. I had to wonder: What exactly did the IGY find that showed this remarkable fact? … Continue reading

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09/08/2014 11:06 PM
Atlantis Destruction: How Plato’s Location for the Lost Island was Ripe for a Climate-Related Disaster

PLATO COINCIDENCE SERIES: How Plato got it right about Atlantis This is the third in a series of articles on how Plato’s details about Atlantis are consistent with the real world. Plato could not have known the importance of these details, because the science did not exist in his day. … Continue reading

The post Atlantis Destruction: How Plato’s Location for the Lost Island was Ripe for a Climate-Related Disaster appeared first on Mission: Atlantis.

Video on Geology of Atlantis

How was it Possible?

"Why the Philippines will Not be the Next Atlantis" is a colorful and entertaining video on the geology of Atlantis and how it compares to the Philippines. Click here to see the new Atlantis video.

"Arguments Against Atlantis"

Yes, you read that right!

Because we do not have proof of Atlantis, it is quite possible that Plato's story was just that — a story of pure fiction. Is there any argument which could adequately disprove Atlantis? Yes, but there are some caveats in the pudding. Check it out.

Mission: Atlantis - Space

If Atlantis was a real place, where was it?

A)  Right where Plato said it was (outside Gibraltar, facing Cádiz, Spain).
B)  Thera (Santorini) Island, Aegean Sea, Greece.
C)  Sardinia, Italy.
D)  Malta (in the Mediterranean).
E)  Irish Shelf.
F)  Sweden.
G)  Peru, South America.
H)  Bahamas, Caribbean.
I)  Antarctica.
J)  Indonesia.
K)  Plato's imagination.
L)  Other.
M)  No opinion.
  I've already voted
Mission: Atlantis - Space

Mission: Atlantis — The Book

Currently, the book, Mission: Atlantis, is under development. Some of the highlights of the book can be found by clicking on the Mission: Atlantis "Book" link in the menu.

Atlantis Articles

Articles on Atlantis can be found through the articles menu link. These explore some of the details of the new research on this age-old story.

Atlantis Tours

In addition, we are developing the idea of conducting Atlantis tours in order to generate funding and greater interest in future expeditions. Such tours, might include visits to the locations associated with Plato's story of Atlantis, and also the locations that might be related to the children of Atlantis, long after the tragedy that destroyed that island empire.

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